How We Helped Rooster Teeth Upgrade Their Production Facility

Posted by Delaney Williams on Dec 1st 2023

How We Helped Rooster Teeth Upgrade Their Production Facility

One of our recent projects was for Rooster Teeth, a media and entertainment company that produces award-winning podcasts, animated shows, live-action shorts, and video games. Based in Austin, Texas, Rooster Teeth has a loyal fan base of over 45 million subscribers and 5.5 billion views across its YouTube network. 

Rooster Teeth needed to upgrade their production facility with new equipment and technology to keep up with the growing demand for high-quality content. They hired us to install eleven TV's and replace cables throughout their facility. These upgrades would allow them to view videos, clips, and other productions throughout their space as needed. We also fixed some of the cables that were affected by water damage. 

We completed the project in a timely and efficient manner, ensuring that Rooster Teeth was satisfied with the results. We mounted the TV's securely and neatly, as well as to run and replace the cables with minimal disruption. We also provided them with training and support on how to use and maintain their new equipment. We are proud to have helped Rooster Teeth improve their production facility and enhance their creative potential. 

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